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Cloud Solution Architecture

Multi-location Data Entry

Controlled access to users

Integrated to GSTN portal



Auto Posts Ledger Entries

This means your general ledger stays up to date in real time, and it eliminates the need to manually post batches to the general ledger.

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Pre-Configured Chart of Accounts

Accounts may be added to the chart of accounts as needed; they would not generally be removed, especially if any transaction had been posted to the account or if there is a non-zero balance.

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Real time Validation (Mistake Proofing, Compliance Friendly)

That doesn't necessarily mean that the validation is performed on every single key press but rather when a field loses focus.

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Incorporates Best Practices & Controls

best practice is a method or technique that has been generally accepted as superior to any alternatives because it produces results that are superior to those achieved by other means or because it has become a standard way of doing things.

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Versatile Maker Checker Constraints & Approvals Processes

 one of the central principles of authorization in the information systems of financial organizations.

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Multi-Units, Multi Stores, Multi Locations

The Bways provide the mulyifamily which comes under multitenancy.

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Passes ‘Consistency, Integrity, Authenticity’ CIA Tests

The CIA triad refers to an information security model made up of the three main components: CIA..

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  • User Friendly Data Entry with Short Cuts
  • GFA Engine > No Debit GL or Credit GL data feeding required at entry level except JV option
  • Document setting as required
  • Voucher Date Window (Open days) control
  • Voucher history (with data filter facility) for each voucher type
  • User defined Voucher Series (Monthly or Financial Year) for each voucher type
  • Audit Trail Reports for all transactions
  • Exception Reports required for audit
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Provision entry facility
  • Audited Entries Locking & Release process
  • Auto Year Closing entry generation
  • Auto Profit Allocations
  • Stock JV on real time inventory based
  • GST compliant all Finance Entries captured
  • Debit /Credit note against Bill as per GST Regime
  • Drill Down Facility from View/Dashboards Reports
  • Each Report export to PDF/Excel etc.
  • User Defined Receivable & Payable Ageing Parameters
  • Each Bills Receivable/Payable Tracking Possible

Statutory Compliances

  • No Skilled user required for GST transactions
  • Auto GST Returns Report Generation & uploads likes GSTR -3B, GSTR-Annexure-1, Annexure-2, GSTR -9 Upload
  • ITC Reversal /Reclaim facility
  • GSTR 2A Matching utility to generate Mismatch Report
  • Supplier/Customer Place of Supplied Based Auto IGST or CSGST & SGST calculations
  • Auto transactions controls as per configuration of Supplier/Customer i.e. Is registered/Unregistered/Composite Scheme under registered
  • Simple GST Rate updating facility with effective Date
  • HSN/Sac Code one time configuration to Material/Service Master
  • Auto RCM Invoice Generations & Its Payment Process from Electronic Cash only
  • GST Payable Settlement entry as per GST Regime based on auto populated Payable, ITC & Cash Balance (like GST 3b Portal Payment entry)
  • TDS Integration with any vendors/govt. portal TDS S/w
  • VAT Reports ( if applicable) J1, J2-Annexture & J1 ,J2 Non TIN Annexure
  • Tested more than 100+Client & Developed with help of GST Expert Consultants (CA)
  • example featues

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